dimanche 3 mai 2009

What are YOU doing?

An article of Tweets. Enjoy.

"I like Twitter... it lets me know what people are doing. Too bad it's not always interesting."

"I use Twitter at work. It's useful, 'cause I can tell my colleagues when our boss is coming around."

"Twitter: Facebook, except with less functionalities and no information-stealing."

"It's a bit like having a cellphone strapped to my head, with dozens of people speaking through it."

"Too bad so many people are trying to tell me how to tweet. I'm just trying to tell people what I'm doing, not become a pro twitter."

"Well, got to go now. Tweet you all later!"

This is rather a quickie. It doesn't cover too many aspects of twitter, but it still covers a few in a rather subtle way. Actually, it doesn't cover the aspect of twitter I like most: It forces you to be concise, to find other ways to say things in a shorter way.

Hope you enjoyed it, even if it was short.

3 commentaires:

Mike_LD a dit…

Public reply to a puzzled friend of mine, whose question was: "Did you write those tweets?"

To which the answer is: "Why yes, I did. Not all of them concern me though. Also, please kindly notice the absence of any cited names/usernames."

Theplayer131 a dit…

Bonne idée de clarifier ça pour tout le monde! ;)

Sinon, tes Tweets sont très profons pour des articles de moins de 120 caractères!

Mike_LD a dit…

Why, thank you, good sir!